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We offer a guaranteed* up front price.

At BTL Tax and Financial we work with you to get the highest level contract possible.  If you need one contract or multiple contracts with various carriers we have you covered. 

We utilize our group production to get the highest contracts and resources to help you build your own book of business.  You will get paid directly from the carrier with all of our contracts so there is no assigning of commission or threats to the business you are building. 

BTL believes we offer the best service to our agents and agencies. We believe this so much that we provide an automatic release if you are not happy.  We will not hold you hostage like some agencies. 

Contact us today at 509-570-1515 or email  if you would like us to review your current contracts or to help you get setup on new ones. Whether you are a veteran of the business or looking to write your first policy we can help you get the contracts and education to succeed in this business for years to come!   

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