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We offer a guaranteed* up front price.

Like we mentioned before we have clients from Seattle to New York and everywhere in between.  We find that the majority of our clients come from the following states: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California, Utah, and Arizona.  If you live outside these state or have state returns from somewhere else give us a call because we most likely have prepared those returns before as well.  Contact us today and experience the difference.


At Butler Thompson Lee you are not just a number.  We want each one of our clients to know and understand their tax situation.  We welcome our clients to contact us so that we can do tax projections and/ or tax withholdings reports for them mid-year so that there are no surprises.  The tax law is always changing but we do all that we can to inform our clients of upcoming changes that could affect their situation.

We are open five days a week year round to serve our clients and six days a week during tax season.  We provide our clients with guaranteed upfront prices on their tax preparation fee.  That means that the price that we give you will not change even if it takes longer than expected to prepare your return.

We have special discounted fees for our clients who use our professional online tax preparation.  Our new clients are always amazed at how easy and reasonable the process is to get there taxes professionally prepared without leaving their home.


BTL provides online tax preparation for individuals and businesses.  We have clients from Seattle to New York and everywhere in between.  Clients can call, email us, or fill out our tax preparation fee estimator to get a guaranteed upfront price.  This means that we will review your situation and give you an upfront price that will not change even if it takes longer than expected to prepare your return.

After you know what your preparation fee will be then we can email of fax you a new client sign in sheet.  This sheet will help us gather some of the information that we need to prepare your taxes.  You can then email or fax us your tax documents over our secure network.  If you are not comfortable wit that we can make arrangements to have an overnight package provided to you.

Once we have everything that we need we can get started preparing your return.  If we have any questions during the preparation process we will email you a list of questions or we can call you, which ever you prefer.

Once your return is complete we can send you a copy of the return to review.  Once the return has your approval we will send you copies of your 8879's and any other signature forms that might need to be signed.  Form 8879 allows us to e-file your return for you.  We will send these signature forms through a program called echo sign which will allow you to sign the forms directly on your phone, computer, or Ipad so there is no need to print anything.

Once your return is ready to be e-filed you can pay us by check through the mail, credit or debit card over the phone, or we can have our preparation fee with held from your tax refund if you are owed one.  (Preparation fees can only be withheld from current year tax returns only and cannot be taken out if you owe back owed taxes or child support.  A fee is charged by EPS bank to provide this service).  Once we collect payment we will e-file your return and mail out a packet to you which will include copies of your return and all signed paperwork. 

Online Tax Preparation