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We offer a guaranteed* up front price.

You might be wondering what our guaranteed upfront price is and how you can get one.  Here at Butler Thompson Lee Tax and Financial Services we want our clients to know exactly what they are getting.

There are many firms and tax preparation business around that will give you a low quote to get you in the door.  Once they have your information you and prepare your return you receive an invoice that is much higher than what you were first quoted.  This is not how we do business!

We review your situation and give you a guaranteed price upfront.  Even if the return takes longer than expected or additional forms are needed you will pay what you were quoted as long as we were provided all of the information upfront. 

You can get a guaranteed upfront price by contacting us or you can fill out the on line form to the right of this page.  We look forward to talking to you soon!

About our Guaranteed Upfront Price

* for returns over $125

  • A Guaranteed upfront price
  • Audit support with paid preparation
  • Additional paper copies of your return
  • Electronic copies of your return on CD with paid preparation*
  • Year round five day a week service not just during tax season
  • Projection of the coming years tax situation
  • Individual analysis your return providing suggestions of possible current and future years tax savings
  • Flexibility of dropping of your return or scheduling a time to be present during your preparation
  • Every return is double checked before filing by a second tax professional and computer scans for errors
  • Provide year round checks to make sure you are compliant with the ACA (Affordable Care Act)

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Here is what you get as our client: