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Past Years Tax Returns

Receiving letters and notices from the IRS can be confusing and intimidating.  We can help you figure out what it all means.  If you need to file up to 14 years’ worth of back take returns we can help.  If you have not filed for a few years the IRS will start to file tax returns for you.  When they do this they file your return according to the worst possible scenario.  Sending you letters showing that you owe often much more than you actually do.  By filing the returns for you we can take the place of the return that the IRS filed possibly lowering your tax liability which in turn will lower the interest due on the balance owed.  If you are owed a refund and you are within the three year time frame we can help get you the money that is owed to you plus interest for the time it was held.


What is BTL’s service area


We work with clients from Seattle to New York and everywhere in between.  We find that the majority of our clients come from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Arizona, Nevada, and California.  We work with clients in all of these states and many more through our secure online network.  Clients are able to get the help that they need with either their past year business or individual tax returns without even leaving their homes.

With the busy lives that we have these days our clients find it a relief to send us the information that allows us to take care of their tax problems quickly and conveniently.  We pride ourselves on helping people every day by providing them with unmatched customer service and ease of their tax issues.  Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding experience that will make you want to come back year after year.    


What if I do not have my tax forms


No problem!  We can have you sign a form that allows us to contact the IRS for you and retrieve all tax documents that they have on file for the tax year in question.  If you need to amend a past tax return and need a copy of what you filed we can also help you retrieve a copy of past returns.


What if my liability is more than I can pay


If you owe a larger sum than what you are able to pay we can help you contact the IRS and get you setup on an installment agreement.  This will make it so that you can pay an affordable money payment to the IRS.  If need be we will also help you to adjust your tax withholdings so that you can get a larger tax return to help pay down the liability faster.


What if the IRS started garnishing my wages 


If you need to file past tax returns and you have not communicated with the IRS or have failed to meet their deadlines and they have started to garnish your wages.  We can help you file the returns and contact the IRS to setup an installment agreement and have the garnishment removed.


How much is this going to cost


Everyone’s situation is different.  If you contact us at 509-570-1515 or fill out the tax preparation fee estimator we can give you an upfront price.  You will not owe us anything until the returns are prepared.  We generally charge much less per return for back years tax returns do to the fact that we are able to multiple tax returns at the same time.