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We are doing everything that we can to keep our clients safe, healthy and comfortable this season

  • Meetings:

  1. We will schedule in person meetings as usual  (Following COVID guidelines)
  2. We are happy to schedule virtual meetings as well

  • Physical Drop off:

  1. At our office during office hours
  2. Call us at 509-570-1515 to schedule one of us to pick up your information in the parking lot
  3. We have a 24 hour drop box available as a contactless option located on the north side of our building
  • Virtual Drop off:
  1. You can go on our website and upload your documents. Click on the client portal and either create an account or upload forms as a guest.  It is quick and secure!  
  2. Under the Resource tab you will also find an electronic copy of our sign in sheet.  If you need additional organizers just email us at and we are happy to send them.

If restrictions change and we are closed to the public then we will continue to do returns with the only change being to in person meetings.  

Tax and Financial Services